End of a season

The last flock of geese has flown off to wade in warmer waters. The mallard ducks have taken their last swim of the season in the pond, before flying south. The pond lays still now, not a ripple in sight, covered in glassy ice. The maple and birch trees have finished showering the Earth in red and gold, and now stand bravely baring their branches, … Continue reading End of a season

Cranberry Orange Bisconie

Last Fall, we came across these Cranberry Orange Bisconies in Costco. My daughter sampled one and promptly lay claim to the entire box, which she proceeded to inhale within days. The next time we went to Costco, the same thing happened. Then winter came and Costco stopped selling the Bisconies. My daughter was very disappointed. So I bravely, and somewhat foolishly, wondered aloud that maybe … Continue reading Cranberry Orange Bisconie


The first crocus is always a minor miracle. There it is, barely rising above the still-frozen earth, a brilliant patch of purple in the dead flower bed. April is just the tentative beginning of spring after the extra long Minnesotan winter, and most plants don’t feel confident enough to put out leaves. They know that there could still be snowstorms that would burn their leaves, … Continue reading Crocus

Mourning dove

No one likes vultures in their backyard. Eagles and hawks too,  if they have small pets.  Owls, maybe, if they are superstitious.  On the list of birds one doesn’t want in their backyard, mourning doves probably don’t rank very high for most people. I am terrified of mourning doves.  Every morning for the last few weeks, I have been visited by a mourning dove.  It … Continue reading Mourning dove

Trumpeter swan

Swan pond

At the far end of my backyard, the ground slopes down gently and the lawn meets a six feet tall wall of wavy cattails. In summer, spiky thistles jostle among the cattails, with pretty pink flowers that try to seed all my flower beds and lawn. Now in Spring, there are just the cattails, bearing the fuzzy spikes of last season’s spent flowers. Beyond the … Continue reading Swan pond